Laboratorio Pesaro, renowned for its innovative spirit, has consistently pushed boundaries in both technical and artistic fields within its ceramic materials.

This commitment to innovation has led to the development of Monolite Ipergres, a cutting-edge material with excellent thermal, chemical, and mechanical performance, all while ensuring a visually appealing final product. 

Made from natural materials and glazes, Monolite Ipergres undergoes a single firing process, reaching temperatures of around 1.260° Celsius

This unique manufacturing process allows the surface of the products to seamlessly fuse with the glaze, providing the material with outstanding properties suitable for a wide range of applications, including laboratory use. 


Produced as single pieces it can be used for large work surfaces up to 2200 x 1200 mm, with various thicknesses and shapes.


The surface is designed to reliably support both its own weight and that of work devices, even with very thin thicknesses (H10mm)

Long Life

Glazed surfaces can be easily kept clean through microbiological sanitation, ensuring a long-lasting results without scratching, staining, or color-fading.

Strong mechanical resistance

Glazed surfaces can afford high stressing working conditions: weights and vibrations of machinery, impacts and scratches due to sharp objects.

Thermal stability

Resistant to thermal shocks due to open flames or contact with a heat source. It is non-flammable (Euro-class A1) and frost proof.

Strong chemical resistance

Glazed surfaces have high resistance to acid, bases and organic solvents, a uni­versal ultimate performance in the chemical, biological and health laboratory environment.

MONOLITE IPERGRES® Technical Ceramic manufacturing process method and procedures are in accordance with ISO standards for general management ISO 9001 – 2008.

Stress Test

Worktops and sinks in MONOLITE | TECHNICAL CERAMIC are resistant, light and perfect for every contition of use


Stong resistance to acids and basics

The single-firing glazes provide surfaces with resistance to acids, bases, and organic solvents, making them waterproof and pore-free. They are thus highly resilient to chemical agents, ideal for environments requiring maximum chemical resistance.

Scratch Resistant

Strong mechanical resistance

Exclusive single-firing glazes are resistant to abrasions, scratches, or grooves caused by contact with sharp objects and machinery vibrations, ensuring no superficial aesthetic damage and maintaining optimal functional performance.


High thermal shock resistance

The product is highly resistant to severe thermal shocks caused by significant temperature variations over short distances. Its surface can withstand exposure to open flames, bunsen burners and direct contact with heat sources such as furnaces and dryers, without any major issues. Additionally, it is non-flammable (Euro-class A1), allowing hot objects to be placed directly on the surface without causing damage.

Easy to clean/Hygenic

Fully vitrified glazes for a fully hygienic surface.

The single-firing glazes ensure that the work surface is easily cleanable using detergents with low environmental impact, while still providing effective and long-lasting microbiological disinfection.

This performance is particularly crucial in chemical, pharmaceutical, microbiological, and medical-hospital laboratories, where perfectly hygienic surfaces are essential.


High thermal shock resistance

The product demonstrates resilience against thermal stresses induced by cooling elements that generate very low temperatures in specific areas of a surface.

It also possesses the ability to absorb significant differences in thermal expansion across the piece, which arises from rapid temperature changes occurring within limited spaces.

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